Renew Finance is a socially responsible credit brokerage and investment management company from Cambridge.

We offer the following services:

  • Credit brokerage and investment management
  • Construction & Engineering, including Retrofitting and Heat Pumps Financing
  • Training & Accreditation (commercial finance & retrofitting)
  • Property Bridging loans & Buy-to-let mortgages
  • Legal Finance for litigations and insolvencies


Some specific products, for example, equity release or high-cost credit sector, are outside of our range. All such enquiries, if arise, will be sent to our directly authorised  Nominated Partners.

We enjoy strong bonds with industry, academia and socially responsible affiliated partners.

Renew Finance has over 250 Partner Lenders providing access to the whole of the commercial finance and investment sector. We get same day decisions from our partners and enjoy the cheapest cost of capital.

The majority of lenders and investors only accept qualified and packaged funding proposals from specialist brokers such as ourselves. Renew Finance offers an independent and impartial advice to help you save money, receive grants and cut energy bill. If a project can be supported, we present Funding Agreement within 48 hours.

Renew Finance is a proud member of the global Race to Zero and FSB Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures and we donate regularly on philanthropic endeavours.UK homes consume 35% of energy while contributing 20% of all carbon. A million homes have the bottom bandings EPC F or G and do not meet requirements to be let.


Please contact us to get fast and cheap funding and grants for building energy retrofit and heat pumps installations.  


We support and collaborate with initiatives led by the following organisations and networks:


CFA UK represents 145,000 members in 163 countries and promotes the highest standards and excellence in the investment profession. We support responsible Investments for sustainable economic development and safeguard the environment.

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A modern organisation dedicated to supporting all types of professional finance intermediaries in growing their businesses and delivering excellent products and services to their clients.

Race to Zero

The global campaign and support from businesses, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery.

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Cambridge Zero

The University of Cambridge is building on its existing research and launching an ambitious new climate change initiative. Cambridge Zero will harness the full range of the University’s research and policy expertise, developing solutions that work for our lives, our society and our economy.

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Cambridge Cleantech

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Retrofit Works

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Retrofit Academy

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National Landlord Association

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Cambridge-based Renew Finance has pleasure in supporting the Cambridge COVID-19 Research Fund

Dear World, We're working on COVID-19. But we need your help. Yours, Cambridge

Cambridge COVID-19 Research Fund
We’ve been challenged to a fight none of us were expecting, and all over the world, society is being pummelled. Cambridge is being hit hard too, but we’re fighting back in three arenas:

The Virus
We must find the means to better diagnose, treat and stop the virus causing this pandemic.

Student Support
We must assist our students, whose lives and studies have been upended in so many ways, to stay strong and stay the distance.

The Equipment
We must ensure high-grade PPE equipment for frontline medical staff and researchers across the UK.

You can help us to knock out COVID-19 and alleviate the bruises it has imparted on our world. A donation of any size to any of the areas below will help advance our work and will have a real and immediate impact.

Together we can defeat COVID-19

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