There are two types of capital we can raise for you: debt and equity.

Debt capital (commercial finance) is acquired through the borrowing of funds to be repaid. Payments on debt are tax-deductible. The downside of debt is the interest must be paid regardless of business revenue. For small or new businesses, this can be too dangerous.

Equity Capital (investment) is generated by the sale of stock. The main benefit of equity financing is that funds need not be repaid. These investors include funds, endowments, and accredited individuals. Equity financing is a greater risk than debt, and the cost of equity is often higher.


Finding the right mix of debt and equity financing that yields the lowest cost of capital is the base of any prudent business strategy. For this you better need the experienced and UK certified investment manager like we are.  To compare different funding scenarios, we use proven professional formulas, including the weighted average cost of capital. Renew Finance has expertise in establishing and operating collective investment schemes.


We guarantee the most cost-effective debt and equity financing for you.


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