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Over 37% of UK carbon emissions are currently caused by heating in buildings, including over 20% for space heating, space cooling and heating water. This is not necessary, because burning fuel is not the only way to heat buildings.

Heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another and concentrate it up to a useable temperature instead of oil combustion. The device heats or cools the home and produces hot water. It provides savings of up to 80% on a heating bill and reduce CO2 by 70%.

Your savings of £500 on heating bills prevent the release of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The reduced electricity may be generated from combustion or from green electricity. Such heating with absolute zero carbon emissions is available now and we offer to finance and help to arrange it for you.


Renewable energy assets need substantial upfront payments, but we can help you to minimise the cost. On your behalf we look after all the process while you can focus on your business. We liaise with the lender and coordinate with your supplier. When everything is sorted, the lender will pay your supplier direct. Now you can collect your new equipment and enjoy energy savings.


There are various tactics for heat and hot water retrofitting.  Appropriate advisers and providers are essential to avoid overspending and technical problems. Please bear in mind that heat pump systems must be registered in order to be eligible for the RHPP grant and RHI payments. It is essential to ensure that your installer/supplier is accredited and the heat pumps have been subjected to testing and rigorous quality controls.


Before installation we will advise you of the proposed installation’s eligibility for financial incentives and help to get it if you are qualified.


Heat Pump Savings Calculator

In order to see how a heat pump can save you money, lets take a look at energy costs of an example home:

Fuel conversion to energy:                                            Electricity

Current Rate for your Fuel source:                              Electricity, £0.18 Kwh

Kwh you use each year                                                  1000

Yearly Energy Cost:                                                         $180.00

Energy Cost With a Heat Pump:                                   $80.00

Potential Savings on Heating with a Heat Pump       $100.00


New Heat Pump Calculator – NHEC


Financial incentives

As a reward for heating your home with renewable energy, you can receive quarterly payments through the government backed RHI scheme. The RHI was put in place to convert 12% of UK homes to renewable heat by the end of 2020.  It looks like the UK will fall short of this target and the Clean Heat Grant (CHG) will replace the RHI scheme in 2022.  CHG will offer up to £4,000 for installing eligible renewable heating technology with average price about £10,000.

While the RHI scheme reimburses people over time, new grants will fund the installation upfront. The grant is intended to encourage installation of the most cost-effective technology to remove the barrier of high upfront costs. It is expected that the grants will be given on a first come, first served basis.

The RHI tariff is paid on a pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of renewable heat produced by the system.


Price and RHI Payments of Different Heat Pump Types
Type Price Range RHI Payments* (p/kWh)
Ground Source Heat Pump £20,000–£40,000 20.89p
Air Source Heat Pump £8,000–£18,000 10.71p


Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) was a government grant scheme available for installing domestic renewable heating systems before the introduction of the Domestic RHI. Applicants with RHPP funding will be subject to a phased application schedule based on the date at which they applied for RHPP. Questions about RHPP should be addressed to the Energy Saving Trust, who were the administrators of the scheme.


Receiving RHPP does not automatically make you eligible for the Domestic RHI. Applicants with RHPP funding should first check the Product eligibility listopen key term pop-up to determine whether their product is eligible, and then refer to the ‘general eligibility checklist’ in the Essential guide for applicants in order to determine whether they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Applicants with RHPP who are accredited under the Domestic RHI will have the amount of funding they claimed deducted from their Domestic RHI payments. The funding deduction will be distributed evenly across their payments, and will be adjusted annually in accordance with RPI.