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In the post-pandemic reality with massive accumulated and a daily evolving stream of insolvencies and foreclosures, the professional and fast resolution of claims may be the only avenue of recovery. Unfortunately, there usually is no cash to pay for such a vital service.

Even with “No win no fee” agreements, not all lawyers are willing and able to finance the cost of legal fees. There are still cash costs for experts, administrative, court fees and the ATE Insurance.

Self-funding is necessary, and legal finance is an effective tool for this task and a lucrative investment opportunity. Through litigation funding, plaintiffs and their solicitors can get finance and commercial dispute insurance through an independent investor.

Renew Finance offers innovative and the cheapest legal funding and risk mitigation. Our fees, interest, and share of the proceeds are negotiated at the outset. This financial reward typically consists of either a percentage of the damages recovered, or a multiple of the amount advanced, or a combination of the two.

If the claim is successful the loan, interest, and fees are payable to Renew Finance from the proceeds of the claim when it has been settled.  If the claim is not successful, the ATE Insurance Policy will cover the cost of the loan. Renew Finance will not charge the client any interest.

Loan or equity?

A non-recourse cash advance is not a loan and is not reported to the credit bureaus. It is a form of venture capital and can be used for any purpose, whether for litigation or for personal matters. You can also sell your claim in exchange for upfront cash and withdraw entirely from the lawsuit. If you wish you can stay involved, and we will make additional payments to you over time.

The Litigation Loan is a Fixed Sum Loan Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and we act in full compliance with it.

Sure, to qualify for funding a case must meet funding criteria to be worth of risk.

Please find below some questions to help you determine whether your case is suitable for funding:

  1. What is the legal basis for the claim?
  2. Is counsel engaged and have they provided an opinion on merits?
  3. What is the estimated quantum amount?
  4. What amount of funding is required and what is the funding for?
  5. Are there adverse risk factors?
  6. What is the enforcement strategy?
  7. Is Defendant in a position to pay any judgment amount?

The expert panel and approved law firms

Renew Finance can help you to answer these questions and prepare the supportive legal opinion and bespoke funding submission on your behalf. Our expert panel and partner solicitors consist of experienced professionals in litigation and finance to ensure a high success rate. The money is drawn down as demanded by a qualified solicitor and paid directly into the law firm’s client account.

To save time and ensure success, clients are strongly recommended to use the services of one of our approved law firms. As an exempt, we can accept a case from a “stranger” solicitor after careful due diligence of his competence.

Renew Finance is an FCA regulated commercial finance broker with direct access to 300 lenders and 1,000 investment funds. We have a well-organized conveyor with a long-established business network to ensure smooth and expedite funding flow. We guarantee you the cheapest funding available on the market. However, a funding decision is a prerogative of a lender.  To offer one-stop high-quality service under our control it is our plan to create our own Litigation Fund and insurance company


Advantages for law firms:

You can de-risk contingent receivables and get immediate revenue when the timing of possible fees remains uncertain

  • We mitigate your risk of contingent fees
  • Our funding substitutes your own working capital
  • Offer more funding options to your clients to pursue a claim without necessity to pay for it
  • You get a paid opportunity to add value and improve the merits of the claim

Solicitors must be approved by Renew Finance before we can offer this service to your clients.

Our Products

Renew Finance funds a range of claims, such as

  • insolvency
  • financial services
  • insurance claims
  • professional misconduct
  • cross-border fraud
  • letters of credit and guarantees
  • shipping disputes
  • company disputes
  • construction and property investments

We are always open to considering new claim types. There are no minimum and maximum loan amounts for our services


For assistance with obtaining your Litigation Funding or Legal Financing at the best interest rates and terms please call us today to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.  Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation.